The Purpose of the Timothy Tuition Program

  1. To assist Foster Children - between the ages of 18-21, who have been 'Aged Out' of the Foster Care Program in California, in furthering their education following their 18th birthday and graduation from high school.

  2. Aged Out refers to Foster Children who are no longer covered under the State Foster Care System after age 18. They may move to transitional housing temporarily but are expected to create a independent future for themselves, often without guidance from family or adults.

  3. Donations and Grants will be the basis of funding for these students.

  4. Our 6 member Board of Directors will be assisting students who apply and are accepted into our program. Students will be chosen according to their level of need, references, and grade point average.

  5. Our Board of Directors will follow these students throughout their education, offering guidance and direction and ensuring they are meeting the qualifications of the program and are students in good standing.

  6. Our goal is to assist a Foster Child in furthering his/her education so they can become our leaders of tomorrow.

  7. This non-profit program was created in memory of Timothy Tanner, our Son who was a Program Services Counselor for Foster Children in the Northern California and Nevada areas.