The Timothy Tuition Scholarship program is available to foster children who are or have previously aged out of the foster care system in Northern California. If you are interested in or presently attending an accredited college or trade school, you may be eligible for a scholarship.


Welcome to the Timothy Tuition Program!

In 2008, The Timothy Tuition Program was established as a non-profit to exclusively benefit foster children in Northern California.  This 501(c)(3) was created in memory of our son, Timothy Leighton Tanner, who was a Program Counselor for foster youth in Northern California.

California foster youth are among the most vulnerable youth in our country. They often face school failure, often coping with psychological traumas resulting from their past, some having experienced poverty, abuse, neglect and separation from family, friends, and supportive teachers.

The purpose of this organization is to fulfill everyday personal and educational needs for foster children of every age in Northern California. Through generous donations and grants from around the country we have been able to meet the needs of hundreds of
foster children.

Our Board of Directors consists of four members working within the Educational and Social Work System of Northern California, and the Directors who created the program.

Our main office is in Tucson, Arizona, although all contributions go to foster youth in Northern California. We personally cover any overhead fees.

Please take a moment to read Rusty’s letter, and consider
a donation to our program to help foster children.

donations are tax deductible.


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